01 August, 2011

❀Relaxing Moloka'i❀

Hello my pretty sunflowers,
This past week my family and I took a little vacation to the island of Moloka'i. It was my first time there and my first time on a propeller airplane. Now that was an experience.

To the right you can sort of see the spinning propellers. Sorry for the hazy look of these photos, I took them while inside the small plane and it had rather hazy looking windows. 

My home...I've never realized just how over populated and crowded Oahu really is... I still love my home though. Good bye Oahu.

Hello Moloka'i. Very pure and quite untouched.

Papohaku beach. Absolutely beautiful beach, a must see if you ever have the opportunity to visit Moloka'i.

I absolutely love the sand there. Although it was very windy and it felt like a desert at times, the sand was pretty.

The trail to Kalaupapa Lookout. I absolutely love the forest and the like, so this was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. The air was nice and cool, and everything was just so serene--but then again, that's Moloka'i.

On the way down the cute little path I came across a cute patch of flowers--okay okay, so their probably weeds, but their cute!

My adorable little friend picking some of the little flowers.

Kalaupapa lookout. This place is something to visit. Very nice scenery but a very sad story comes with it.

Aaaww... Baby dropped her flower on our way back.

Happy again!

I leave you all with a lovely picture of the Moloka'i sunset.

If you ever feel the need for a relaxing peaceful vacation I highly recommend putting Moloka'i on your list. You won't regret it and there are a lot of things to do and visit while there. It may be a little island but it sure does have a lot to offer. My cousin went hunting for the first time, so yes, guys will have an awesome time too.

I've got some jewelry I've got to share with you, also I've got more DIY things for you all and a make up post! If you want to see a certain makeup look let me know. :)

Until next time my pretty sunflowers.


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