29 April, 2011

The Wednesday Letters

I recently picked up this book at my local thrift store and it seemed interesting. It's a little different from my usual gooey love story novels I'd typically read but I was so touched by this story that I thought it was worth a share.

The Wednesday Letters written by Jason F. Wright is a 280 page New York Times Bestseller. The story line is surprisingly unpredictable and absolutely touching. The ending gave a satisfactory equation yet kept an air of mystery.

Although it may not be one of my favorite books that I've read I absolutely recommend it. In my opinion this beautiful red covered book is a real treasure.

This is my first blog post so I want to thank every reader out there for stumbling upon my blog and taking time to see what I'm all about.
Although my first post was about a book I also will be sharing makeup, music, and just other lovely random things with all you lovelys. ^_^

Until then...