06 July, 2011

Island Sun

Hello my beautiful sand turtles,
The other week I was spending the day with my best friend and she got a shipment from a website called Tillys.com. She was very excited for the new clothes that she ordered, and once I saw them I knew I had to share these awesome finds with you all too.

Tillys.com is a surf and skate company that supplies countless surf and skate brands. Their prices are very reasonable and their products are absolutely Hawai'i approved--they're very cute, the girl stuff that is.
Once again, I am by no means sponsored or paid to to any reviews. 

This is her shipment of clothes from Tillys.com.
Everything was neatly packed in a generous sized box, nothing was just thrown in--you could tell you were getting quality items.

Introducing my beautiful friend Bre.
She is wearing Full Tilt - braid trim woman's tank, perfect for dressing up with a pair of heels or down thrown over a bikini. 

I love the beautiful lace detail and the delicate feminine floral print.

This one is truly a day/night top. It goes perfectly with what Bre is wearing yet I can see it matched up perfectly with a pair of long black board shorts and converse; sexy skate chick.

Perfect for a day at the beach or a trip around the island. Awesome thing too depending on your bathing suit top you probably won't get a weird tan. 

Perfect for those late nights at the beach with friends. It's called thermal but it's light weight and 100% cotton so it's breathable.
The faux leather and lovely design of espadrille make these wedges one to not pass up. The best feature is these wedges form to your arch which makes for a very comfortable wear.

So overall we're very satisfied with Tillys.com, with very reasonable prices and the wide arrange of products you'll always find something you'll instantly fall in love with. 

And thank you so much Bre for agreeing to do this awesome photo shoot for my blog. Hopefully more to come!

Until next time my sand turtles.


(p.s.) If you like the song you can find her album here. Anuhea [+Digital Booklet]
Anuhea [+Digital Booklet]


The Cat Hag said...

I am loving this haul post, it's so interesting to see the amazing things your friend bought, and to get to know a new shopping website! :)

The Cat Hag

Chiffon Dreams said...

I will have to check out this website - everything seems so perfect for the beach!

stop by!

Anney said...

Hey, your blog is really nice too ^-^ & your very cute.

Sassy said...

Nice blog :D
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Carina G. said...

your friend totally knows where to shop, eh? :) love the collection! :)

anyways, im following you now! hope you could visit my blog too and maybe follow back? i would be very grateful! looking forward to more of your posts!:) thanks!


NRC♥ said...

I really live your vests hun!

Camilla said...

cute jeans

x Camilla


Eva Silviana said...

Totally inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

crunchy cheese me

Eva Silviana said...

Totally inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

crunchy cheese me

fashionpart said...

beautiful outfit!

Irusja said...

Amazing outfits! I love the 3rd one most!


Lenara said...

love lovely blog soo cute will be following you!

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AquĆ­ said...

you got some fantastic pieces! Love the bright tanks and that grey stripped top is adorable!

Roxiita Guzman said...

nice blog & post!
I really like it :)
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.Candy. said...

The clothes all look very trendy and comfy! I like the prints!!!

Thanks for sharing Tilly's to us!



Sassy said...

Thank you very much. I'm following you too :D


Syrious said...

and lovely shoes!!

Syriously in Fashion
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mestizay said...

great colorful tops! i love the 1st and the 3rd the most!


kirstyb said...

oh wow the tops are gorge xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Prints are everything in the summer !!

Cool Blog !!


Chloe Mia said...

Such great finds!

Sophie said...

Mmmmm I like your brown wedges (:


Evil Nelly said...

such a great haul! and the pictures are beautiful!

Rahel Stephanie said...

Hi there! Lovely blog, i followed you :)
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Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

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Aleksandra said...

Love your top :)
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Lorena said...

amazing looks!

.Porcelaine. said...

Great outfits!! The shirts are really cute! Nice blog :))

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BobbieAustin27 said...

cute tops!
the second one is my favorite
cool blog, check mine out


love and youth said...

Your friend found some good buys! And your lucky to live in a place like Hawaii!! xx

rach said...

lovely outfits xx


Cookie said...

So many nice things!

Maycie Tsuchiya said...

Ooh I love those sandals!

Sabrina said...

Love the shirt- it's great for a casual relaxed day. You styled them up great with the shoes too!


Shevah said...

Gorgeous! I love your outfit!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Love those jeans. Such a nice wash.

jacquie. said...

I can totally see why the clothing works in Hawaii. Cute!

Miss Kwong said...

i love the tube top, very colourful! u look great in them x

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Cylia said...

beautiful things you got girl! and your hair is so pretty:)


can't wait to read your beauty tag!


Lidiya said...

All of these items are super cute - so summery :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so adorable! x hivenn

Clairedontcare said...

those wedges are like insaneee I want them soo bad.

Chari T said...

the tops are super cute!!!! I love love LOVE the gray one!

Pretty Muffin said...

love the pattern of your top!

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, and I like photos!
See mine if you wish to, I add you to my bookmarks of fav. blogs :D

Ms Polevshchikova said...

looking cute!


Stephanny Torres said...

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Lenara said...


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Dilan Dilir said...

lovely outfit:)

t said...

Cute buys!


Style, She Wrote said...

Great haul post and great tanks! Enjoy wearing them. xo style, she wrote

melindaaa said...

youre right, its perfectttt for layering over bikinis and for the beach! thanks for sharing :)

Ida-Marie said...

wauw I love the shoes!! :)

Pieter said...

Great outfits!

Want to follow each other? :) x


FABB said...

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Thu Nguyen said...

Beautiful outfit.

Tassos P said...

Great items dear! I particularly love those wedges and the one before last top!

Mela said...

So amazing outfits!! I love your shoes...:)
Mela xx


Fabrizia said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!I'll be waiting for you!


Fabrizia said...

Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!I'll be waiting for you!


Lorena said...

lovely sandals!!!

tessa said...

LOVE the petal to the metal one! it's so pretty with all the layers

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milk said...

love the pictures!!!

Have You Lived Today? said...

loving those wedges! great for spring/summer and heck, even fall! lol

Anonymous said...

These prints are BEAUTIFUL! I am having an obsession with floral prints now!

Christine Iversen said...

So many cute clothes :)

Love Christine ♥

RAJ NAIR said...

Awesome.see mine too http://blogsnapz.blogspot.com