28 June, 2011

Honey Bee

Hello my beautiful honey bees!

About a week back I found these beautiful smelling body washes. The aroma that fills the air as you shower is just beautiful. I was so excited for these wonderful but cheap finds! Okay lets get on to it!
*Note: I am in no way sponsored or paid to do any of these hauls/reviews*

Okay first I'm going to start off with the Pure & Natural - Moisturizing Almond Oil and Cherry Blossom body body wash; that one is to the far right.

I came across of this one at Price Busters, it was the more expensive of the three although it only cost me $3.99. This beautiful natural bottle caught my eye, and with it saying 98% natural it also caught my interest. I like what it says on the back of the bottle so I will quote it for you, "We understand that everyday choices we make have a direct impact on how we live tomorrow. That's why we only develop products that nurture you without sacrificing the world around you. Our moisturizing body wash:
- Is Biodegradable
- Comes In 100% Recycable Packaging 
- Is Paraben Free
- Is Not Tested On Animals (my favorite one)"

And right under all of that it says that they make an annual donation of at least $100,000 to World Wildlife Fund. 
Isn't that awesome? I love to read the entire bottle of anything new I use while showering and I feel pretty great while reading all of that. My four dollars well spent!

Oops! I almost forgot the scent. When showering you instantly get the floral scent of cherry blossom and then the subtle warm notes of the almond oil. Unfortunately the scent did not last that long on my skin out of the shower. 
Here's the website for this wonderful company. Pure & Natural

Now on to Essence of Beauty - Pure Amber, and Passion Flower shower gels.

I found this one at Ross' Stores for only $2.99 a bottle! But the price isn't what first attracted me to these body washes, it was the shape. I absolutely love that you can either let it stand like regular body washes or  you can actually hang it! I love that!

The scent of these body washes are just lovely. The Passion Flower(one on the right in pink) is what I envision a floral princess to smell like. It's very floral with a hint of ... clean. I have a hard time explaining this one. hehe. On the back of the bottle it says that it awakens, warms, and soothes. There's also a title and this one is called Intriguing. The wear on your skin when out of the shower is decent.
Now to my favorite one! Pure Amber(one on the left in golden Amber) this one is warm. It's very calming and   soothing. The back of this bottle hit it straight on the nose. "The rich warm sets of amber and sandal wood will make you feel like royalty; luxuriously pampered and confident." That is exactly how I felt when lathering up with this bubbly body wash! The title on the back said Romantic and I felt so beautiful when using this. Maybe it's just my kind of smell, but this one is my favorite. The wear on your skin out of the shower is really good. I could smell the beautiful aroma through the night.

These products isn't as environmentally friendly as the first product but it does say--which I am very happy about--that they don't test on animals. There's also a satisfaction guarantee. 

So these are my new bath indulgence, what is yours?

Untill next time honey bees. Btw, I am obsessed with the song Honey Bee by Blake Shelton.

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